Access Real Estate Opportunities not available on the open market

Access prime real estate opportunities in top markets

Take Advantage of the current market displacement to achieve above average returns


Get access to individually curated investments by a renown Designer/Developer, with a 30 year track record of achieving successful returns.


Co invest with a trusted professional into luxury properties located in prime marketplaces, not otherwise available to the general public.


Realize returns on your investment from cash flow, as well as property appreciation.

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Repositioning properties to achieve elevated returns

Curated Properties

We select prime properties, with the greatest upside potential, that are located in high barrier to entry markets. Buying in top markets creates more upside potential in both cash flow and future value.

Renovate and Reinvigorate

We add value. We don’t simply buy and hold, and then hope for the best. We create additional value. We renovate, reposition, and reinvigorate. What might have been an old and tired property becomes an award wining trophy property catering to a high end demographic. This creates opportunities to increase cash flow, the future value of the property, and your investment returns.

Opportunity in the Hospitality space

Seldom has there ever been a more perfect storm creating a once in a generation buying opportunity. Hotels have been hit harder than any asset class due to the coronavirus pandemic. They have seen unprecedented declines in both rate and occupancy, and as a result are going to become available to purchase at prices unimaginable just a few months ago. As all real estate sells off its current income, hospitality properties are currently seeing a quick reduction in valuation. They will be selling at deep discounts based on their current reduced revenues. This creates an opportunity to buy these assets at an immediate discount to their previous valuations.

As the market fundamentals improve and people return to traveling, hotels will be able to raise their average daily rates and occupancy much quicker than other asset classes that are locked into longer term fixed leases. The hospitality industry is the perfect asset class to invest in during this turbulent period. Buying a hotel today is the perfect example of buying low in a distressed market, and being able to realize gains in both income and valuation as the market returns to a level of normalcy.

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Market timing can create oversized returns. Distress equals opportunity

Covid-19 is in the process of creating a once in a generational opportunity. Otherwise healthy properties such as hotels and retail buildings will be distress selling at historically low prices. Buying at the bottom of the real estate market has historically created returns far exceeding the stock market. On an average basis, hotels bought during the last recession appreciated in value by 58% over a 5.2 year period.

Based on conservative leverage (60-70%), owners achieved on average a 2.5x-3.0X equity multiple (excluding CapEx) on their investments based on an average hold period of 5.2 years.

(Source: Real Capital Analytics)
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Steve Hermann


Principle Steve Hermann is an award winning and renown Developer, Real Estate Investor, Designer and Hotelier. As one of the most prolific Designer/Developers within California, he is known as the designer and hotelier to the Hollywood elite, captains of industry, and foreign royalty. His innovative properties are owned and visited by celebrities, U.S presidents, and members of the Forbes top ten wealthiest list. His hotels, commercial properties, and homes have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, New York Times, Forbes, Barrons, Architectural Digest, Conde Nast Traveler, E!, MTV, ABC, as well as in hundreds of other magazines and websites worldwide.

Steve has established a world recognized luxury hospitality company, Steve Hermann Hotels, of which L’Horizon Resort and Spa in Palm Springs, California currently serves as its flagship. L’Horizon won 18 awards in its first year in business, and has recently been voted as the #1 Resort in the USA by Conde Naste Traveller Magazine, the premier travel magazine in the world. Steve is looking to expand the brand through the acquisition of additional locations.

When Steve is not developing hotels, he spends his time collecting post war, European sports cars, which he enjoys driving with his wife and two young daughters. After 15 years of living in Los Angeles, Steve currently calls Montecito, California home.


A 30 year track record of developing successful projects earning outsized returns